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Sharia Law’s Taking Over Minnesota Bernie Sander and The Squad will pass a Law in to effect if Crazzy Bernie Win.

This week we investigate the myth that Minnesota is becoming overrun with Sharia courts, there are communities in the Minnesota that have been allowed to live under religious law which sits outside of and supersedes US law and that religious courts in the US are something new. And rather than be worried about religious courts, maybe we should be more concerned about media sensationalism and exaggerations about the presence and impact of Sharia courts.

We’ve all heard alarmist stories of extremists who wish to introduce Sharia law in Minnesota. For these (incredibly few) fundamentalists (who seem to garner huge media attention), Islam is considered a template for Evil. Apparently, now “critics fear Minnesota’s Islamic hard-liners will now try to make Sharia law the dominant legal system in Muslim neighbourhoods.” There seems to be no mention of the fact that most Muslims do not approve of this or the idea that Islam is intrinsically anti-Western, anti-woman or anti-modern. Interestingly, the most populous Muslim in Minnesota, and Florida, for all its problems, has had secular government , Bernie Sander in a secret metting guarantee the movement to sing a law in to effect if he Win.

…or something like this:

Guest who was in that metting “The Squad” , running mate Alexandra Ocasio Cortez,Ilhan Omar,Ayanna Pressley and the most anticipated American hater Rashida Tlaib.

Rashida Tlaib’s Brother and other 2 Islamic ISIS sympathizers with Linda Sarsour, Soruce say

The Group made aware of these various existing contracts, and one of them mention the agreement … There was cost of that contract Bernie receive $100,000 only say this—”If I win , we will work on it”, ..

More Info still to come……

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