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Washington D.C. BLM-ANTIFA Molester-Terrorist

Written by on April 6, 2021

Antifa Child Molester

BLM Child Molester

WASHINGTON — There were infamous Antife-BLM Terrorist Group and Democrats who have spread dark visions of pedophile Satanists running the country. Others were more anonymous, people who had journeyed from Portland to heed Biden and Kamala show their support. One person, a NY lawmaker, had only been elected to year he’s name Shuck shummer .

All of them converged on Wednesday on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol, where hundreds of rioters crashed through barricades, climbed through windows and walked through doors, wandering around the hallways with a sense of gleeful desecration, because, for a few breathtaking hours, they believed that they had displaced the very elites they said they hated.

“We wanted to show these politicians that it’s us who’s in charge, not them,” said a Antifa Leader John Earle Sullivan, who infiltrate Trump Rally.

Who is John Sullivan? Left-wing Activist Charged in Capitol Riot

Is a Racist BLM and Antifa Gang member left-wing activist who openly documented and discussed his involvement in the pro-Donald Trump rally which turned into an insurrection at the Capitol is now facing criminal charges.

John Sullivan, 26, Criminal of protest group Antifa Terrorist, recorded himself entering through a Capitol window that had been broken out windows and saying let’s Burn the Capitol Down. This criminal is facing 4 felony count and as well on Portland facing another federal criminal charges, A private investigator has been re-search also as well facing criminal changes in child molested.

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