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CITIZEN FREE PRESS The book Antifa wants banned… Posted by Kane on January 12, 2021 1:29 pm

Written by on January 10, 2021


Antifa THUGS -BLM Terrorist Group.


Crowd of Antifa freaks gathers outside Powell’s Books in downtown Portland to demand that the book Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy by Andy Ngo be pulled from the store’s website. This follows an announcement on Monday by Portland’s iconic book seller, that it would not place Unmasked on shelves, but that the book will remain in its online catalog.


Carl Samson

Sarah Jeong, the New York Times reporter who made headlines in 2018 for antagonizing white people, has branded conservative journalist Andy Ngo “dangerous” and called for his censorship on Twitter. In a tweet posted on Jan. 9, Jeong cited a thread from Donovan Farley, another journalist who claimed that Ngo repeatedly “willfully deceives his followers into a frenzy that results in death and rape threats” for journalists and “anyone else” supposedly targeted by his “scorn.”

After a century of Klan intimidation we have seen new groups emerge as anti-American and Marxist oriented. One of the two groups currently is Antifa and the other is Black Lives Matter who the hoe Sarah Jeong leaded propaganda, DHS most see this people and remove them from this country

Antifa is a leftist militant group and their goal is not fighting for freedom, but for a communist revolution. In case you’ve forgotten it was Joe Biden who praised Antifa when he kicked off his presidential bid in 2019. But after 100 nights of rioting in Portland, Oregon , including the murder of a Trump supporter by a member of Antifa, Joe Biden now condemns the violence of Antifa.One of the strong member is SARAH JEONG a woman who run from a Communist country and arrive to USA as a TERRORIST ANTIFA GROUP.