HILLREPORTER FRAUD-FLAT CON “The Krassenstein Criminals Family”

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Edward Lawrence Krassenstein and Brian Mark Krassenstein (a.k.a. Talkgoldcom, edbri871, Akmed Malakar, JamesOkeef and the Super Ponzistein Bros.) are a pair of 37-year-old manlet twin brothers who are most well known for their amazing ability to vomit up a seemingly endless stream of obnoxiously stupid anti-Trump tweets – a skill that has helped propel them to prominence as key members of the long-running joke that refers to itself as “The Resistance“.


scammer,thief,Even manlets find them pathetic.

Prior to becoming the biggest fucking stooges on Twitter, the Krassenstein brothers were most well known on the internets for being well-documented con artists and thieves who specialized in running Ponzi schemes, distributing pirated content, stealing domain names and booting up a spambot that was only capable of spamming a single string of text. The Krassensteins are also serial E-ntrepreneurs who have run at least 100 internet scam websites that have included MoneyMakerGroup and TalkGold – two seemingly competing forums that both catered to Jewgold enthusiasts and offered their criminal user base a convenient platform to advertise their highly illegal Ponzi schemes to ignorant wannabe investors.

sammer brothers


In late 2016, the Krassensteins finally seemed to have gotten what they had coming after both ICE and the Department of Homeland Security raided their home in Fort Meyers, Florida and seized many boxes worth of evidence against the dastardly duo. Despite Archive today-ico.png the case Archive today-ico.png against Archive today-ico.png the brothers Archive today-ico.png being a Archive today-ico.png fucking Archive today-ico.png slam dunk, Barack Obama‘s incompetent federal government ultimately failed to file criminal charges and then pretended that—despite the fact that they had a strong enough case to send in the motherfucking Department of Homeland Security to raid their house—the Krassenstein brothers had done absolutely nothing wrong and were actually totally innocent of every crime that they had ever committed.

Since getting away with the biggest abortion of justice since O.J. Simpson got away with making sashimi out of his coal-burning wife and some Jew, the Krassensteins have moved on from running silly Ponzi scheme forums and rebrand themselves as “journalists” for their personal Fake News sites called Independent Reporter and Hill Reporter. As you’d expect, both of these sites target libtard Democrats who are dumb enough to throw their hard earned welfare money at literally anyone who claims that they’ll be able to take down Führer Drumpf.

The brothers have also written a shitty crowdfunded propaganda piece that they poorly disguised as a “children’s book” entitled How the People Trumped Ronald Plump. They have also joined Encyclopædia Dramatica and attempted to vandalize this article because they were very upset to discover that there are actually people in the world who won’t mindlessly suck their disgusting circumcised cocks like an obedient little bitch and can’t be silenced by simply clicking on Twitter‘s block button.

AKA Tweeter :

History of the SCAMMERS

Edward Lawrence Krassenstein and Brian Mark Krassenstein were born in November of 1981 to parents Carol Krassenstein (née Voelker) and Martin Krassenstein. Around the age of 15, the brothers’ Jewishness began to take over as they started selling video games and baseball cards on various newsgroups and ultimately set up their very first Ponzi scheme entitled Archive today-ico.png EBKcards.

The Krassenstein brother have been actively trying to make quick and easy money on the internet since the early 2000s when the pair worked at GameStop and owned their own shitty reseller hosting account that they tried to pass off as a legitimate “hosting company” despite calling the goddamn thing Archive today-ico.png Smiley Hosting and using fucking 1990s clipart as a logo.

Around 2003, the pair decided to open a shitty internet forum TalkGold that focused on helping users advertise their High-Yield Investment Programs (a.k.a. HYIPs and Ponzi Schemes), a form of scam that attempts to pose as a too-good-to-possible-be-true investment opportunity. Despite running a forum that was focused on making money, the brothers were too fucking cheap to shell out the money for a vBulletin license and instead went with the poor man’s shitty alternative known as phpBB. Several years later, the pair finally scammed enough money out of their users to be able to afford a vBulletin license.

A year later, in 2004, the pair opened yet another shit-tastic phpBB forum called MoneyMakerGroup that did the exact same shit as TalkGold.

Ok so I worked hard, paid off my mortgage completely, and now have an asset that is worth 40% less then what I paid. Now what? I am asked to pay even more for people who made bad decisions and didn’t read and understand the papers they were signing? 



—talkgoldcom, on being real fucking good with money Archive today-ico.png (archive)


By mid-2007, a scammer-hunting E-vigilante named Brenda Bevil—owner of an anti-scam forum called Catty Shaq—was preparing to fuck up Brian’s shit by reporting TalkGold to the FBI.

We were part of an international organized crime syndicate responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in illicit activity.

ICE and the Department of Homeland Security raided their
Edward Lawrence Krassenstein and Brian Mark Krassenstein

Your Ponzi scheme cost my widowed sister loss of $8000, the govt could only refund her $4000 out of $12,000 she thought was a investm. in a 401k. They sold your properties to recoup victims losses & you are still living on victims money. #ShameOnYou

The Krassenstein Brothers – Encyclopedia Dramatica

Judd Legum is a progressive liberal retard with a funny name who, in 2005, founded a progressive propaganda rag called ThinkProgress. As a prominent member of The Resistance and a whiny liberal with a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Legum is held in high regard within the confines of the liberal hivemind hugbox.

On May 3, 2018, when Judd decided to link to an article detailing the Krassensteins’ sordid history, it was only natural that the ensuing butthurt would make for some of the most memorable and hilarious lefty infighting in recent history.

A fascinating look at the Krassenstein brothers, who you probably see retweeted all the time, have a history of questionable marketing schemes and were the target of a federal raid in 2016 that they claim was all a big misunderstanding


Eddie quickly lept into action and spammed a massive Twitter rant where he accused Judd of being an unwitting agent of Russia.

“The Twin Midget Brothers”

Since they burst onto the Twitter scene a year ago, observers have struggled to figure out what exactly to make of the Krassenstein brothers.

Are they simply a pair of prolific twins trying to maximize social media after a harrowing run-in with federal authorities? Are they the latest in a line of Twitter quasi-celebrities hunting for the missing link tying President Donald Trump to Russian collusion efforts? Are they scam artists, trying — like so many others — to swindle gullible Trump opponents into handing over their money?

Ed and Brian Krassenstein, 30-something brothers based out of Florida, have spent the past year becoming two of the most prominent voices on Twitter calling for the removal, and the imminent downfall, of Trump. It’s difficult to gauge their impact, let alone their point; Twitter, even with the patronage of the most powerful man in the world in Trump, is still mostly ephemera.

But the Krassensteins are a sort of sui generis actor on the platform, shamelessly blasting the president while marketing themselves and tweeting with abandon — and, given that there’s two of them, doing it at double-speed, gaining over a million followers combined along the way.

Criminal always use the same pad to commit extortion,fraud or scam.

  1. The less they can be contacted by any address our telephone number, on this case this CON-ARTIST The Midget Twin brothers , use a “Google Voice” as a phone contact easy to remove and walk way.
  2. Domain name mark private , no contact info in (ICAN) all fake and phone number.
Fake contact from ICAN is a fee for make this private

3. Scammer easy to get:
15251 Intracoastal Ct Fort Myers, Fl 33908


Brian Mark Krassenstein
Carol M Krassenstein
Martin S Krassenstein
Whitney Hipolite Krassenstein
Heidi Louise Milkert

This is how they never learn and keep saying their have a perfect life and never did nothing wrong. A post from IMDb website.


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